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As a media agency in the tourism industry, tc media has been offering a range of highly specialised services for a decade. Together with our partner agencies around the world, we have access to a wide network of photographers, journalists and writers.

We provide first-class picture material and create print contributions in German and English. We develop or update text and features for travel guides in cooperation with publishers in Germany and overseas.

A significant downturn in quality in the field of travel literature has been noticeable, particularly in recent years. This is caused not least by end-users placing considerably higher value on the currentness of available information. Printed travel guides are sometimes in direct competition with free online information, which can be updated almost daily.

tc media offers publishers and editorial teams the opportunity to bring their publications up to date efficiently and inexpensively, and if required to expand them with exclusive features. The combination of information research and journalistic work on the ground guarantees excellent results that can also be individually adapted to the style and guidelines of a given product range. As separate modular components, all tc media services can be combined in almost any way.

We would be happy to personally advise you, and look forward to your enquiry.

Our services:

....Production of print contributions on global travel topics

Photo archive and picture service

Design, creation and updating of travel guides

Detailed hotel evaluations carried out by industry experts